The “101 Class”

This class is mandatory, prior to shooting any of the action pistol sports, unless you hold a classification in any one of the action pistol sports.

It is geared toward any shooter that has not participated in action pistol games before.

If you cannot produce a classification card in one of the following…IDPA, USPSA (IPSC), or Steel Challenge, this class is for you.

This class is to teach the range expectations, proper gun handling, and safety. Contact your Match Director if you have participated but are not classified.  The class will focus on:

  • Action Pistol Shooting
  • Range Orientation
  • Safety Procedures
  • Range Commands
  • Classifications and Gun Divisions
  • Basic Gun Handling Skills
  • Stage Demonstration
  • and much more

Class size will be limited, but spots are still open.

You’ll need:

  • eye and ear protection
  • handgun with 2 magazines
  • strong side holster
  • 50 rounds of ammunition.

Cost is free.

Class starts at 9:00 am, on the Saturday when the IDPA matches are held.

Besides being mandatory for new to action shooting at SKSC shooters, we strongly recommend this class for any newer shooter who may have questions on some of the safety aspects of our sports: Safe Areas, Cold Range, 180 rule, etc.

This class is not offered at USPSA or Steel Matches, so if you need it, you need to take it from the IDPA trainer, offered on the Saturday prior to any IDPA match