Become a 500-Meter Range Officer

SKSC 500 Meter Range ROs have the privilege of shooting on the range during normal club hours (with another RO present). For this privilege, each RO works on the range for 8 hours each shooting season for a 2-year time period. ROs receive work credit for 4 hours of their service.

To become a RO, you must be a current member, have shot on the 500-meter range, or a similar range, at distances equal to, or greater than, 300-meters, attend the RO training class and pass the test. If you are interested in becoming a RO for our 500-meter range, please go to the 500 meter range calendar (HERE); click on one of the class announcements and follow the link to the sign up page.

A $20 fee is required to cover the cost of the class. Be sure to include your email information so we can contact you if class times or date need to be changed.  Class size is limited to comply with current rules and conditions.

All training classes will be conducted at the SKSC club house on the dates and at the times indicated. Sunday classes include activity on the 500-meter range, weather permitting. Please wear appropriate clothing.

You must show your current membership card and gate access card to attend. The class costs $20 and you will be required to pass an exam to be qualified. Renewing ROs and NRA certified RSOs are free.

For questions concerning the class please contact the Range Officer Supervisor at: or (616) 457-9111.