NRA High Power Rifle Competition


SKSC NRA High Power Rifle is a shooting sport using fullbore target rifles.

Governing Body

National Rifle Association of America (NRA)

How A Match Is Run

The 50 shot national match course will be fired at 200 yards. (rule 7.14)

First stage – 10 shots standing slow fire, single load in 10 min. (SR target)

Second stage – 10 shots sitting rapid fire w/ reload 60 seconds. (SR target)

Third stage – 10 shots prone rapid fire w/ reload 70 seconds. (SR-42 target)

Fourth stage – 20 shots prone slow fire, single load 20 min. (MR-52 target)



Service Rifle – M1 (rule 3.1), M1A (rule 3.1.1), AR-15 (rule3.1.2)

Match Rifle – match rifle (rule3.3)

Semi-auto match rifle (rule 3.3.1)

Any sight match rifle / tactical rifle (rule 3.3.2)


Entry Fees:  $10.00

Juniors age 15 to 18 shoot free if accompanied by an adult


9:00am to 9:45am. Shooting starts at 10:00am.

The start time may be delayed by 20 to 30 minutes until the sun clears the backstop and allows shooters to clearly see the targets.


Scheduled matches: NRA and CMP share the third Sunday of each month May – September.
Please see the club calendar for exact match dates.


Eye and Ear protection is required for everyone


For More Information

NRA Highpower Rules: