Clubhouse Closure & 2020 Election

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What’s New:

SKSC has a new Range Use Policy as of 1-Jan-2016.  Please read it at the bottom of our Contacts page here.

The two manual range gates have been replaced with electric gates (similar to the main gate at the etrance).  These gates will have a key-pad to enter the 500-meter or 200-meter ranges.  Just enter the combination on your annual member card.  To leave the ranges, simply approach the gates slowly with your vehicle and the gate will open for 20 seconds.

We have improved the road from the the street all the way back to the South range gate.  This will really help keep down the dust as well as drain better.  Please respect the posted speed limit.

We’ve built even more 7-yard bays on the West side of the road, across from our six general purpose bunkers.  We converted the 50/100-yard and special-purpose range to a 35-yard range due to potential safety issues.  While the special-purpose ranges will not be available for members on a daily basis, they will allow our members to continue to shoot in the regular bays even during scheduled events.  Some special events may still require that ranges, such as the 200-meter, be shared rather than closed.  Check the club calendar for ranges that may be closed, or shared before you come out to shoot.