Targets & Target Placement

Proper Targets

  • Paper  (paper plates make great cheap targets)
  • Cardboard, cardboard & wood lathe and cardboard boxes
  • Swinging (metal) targets
    • But be very careful of ricochets
  • Tin cans are OK, but must be picked up when you’re done
    • Watch out for sharp edges
  • Clean up your mess when you are done!

Improper Targets

  • Anything that breaks or shatters  (example: glass, clay targets)
  • Anything flammable or explosive  (example: propane tanks)
  • Anything that may cause a ricochet off the range
  • Don’t shoot our barrels,  posts or rails

Target Placement

All targets must be placed at the base of the back-stop as shown below.  If you wish to shoot at a shorter range, then move your firing line closer to the target.  Your target should NEVER be more than 1-yard from the base of the back-stop.  Occasionally, the stages of our USPSA and IDPA matches may violate this rule; however, ALL shooting during these matches is under the direct supervision of a range safety officer.

Target Placement

You may fasten your target to our target stands, or use your own as long as they are placed above our target rails.  Please do not place your targets in front of our silhouette target rails, they take enough of a beating already.

Proper Target Placements

On the 500-meter range, the 40m, 60m, 77m and 100m back-stops are for .22 rim-fire ONLY as shown below.