500 Meter Range

South Kent Sportsman’s Club (SKSC) is very proud to have a 500-meter range for those interested in precision shooting out to longer distances.  The range has numerous features starting with a covered firing line.  In the forefront of the range are rimfire ONLY backstops.  They are clearly differentiated by the eyebrows at 40, 60, 77 and 100 meters.  Beyond the rimfire are center fire backstops starting at 200-meters and reaching out to 300, 385 and 500-meters.

Shooting Times

This range can only be accessed by members when a SKSC approved Range Officer is on duty.  A scheduled shooting time is indicated on the 500-meter Range calendar by the words: ‘RANGE OPEN’ appearing on a date.  Click on the message to see what time the range gates will be open and a range officer present.

You can locate the times this range is open HERE.


Before heading out to the 500-meter range please be sure you are familiar with these prerequisites necessary to utilize the range HERE.

Become a Range Officer

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Range Officer at South Kent Sportsman’s Club, click HERE.