Safety is or #1 priority at SKSC, and all of our members have taken our safety and orientation class. 

Reminder – Weather Closing Rules:

  • Trap & Skeet
    • Closed or suspended when a Storm Warning is in effect for Allegan County (near club area)
    • Suspended when lightning is present near club area
    • Here is the National Weather Service Link:
  • Meetings
    • If meetings will be affected, we notify local TV stations

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Reporting Incidents
If you see an unsafe condition on any of our ranges, call a cease-fire and work with the other members to correct the issue.  The continued operation of our club depends on all of us to cooperate!  If you cannot resolve an unsafe condition, please fill out our Range Incident Report and get it to one of our Board of Directors or e-mail it back to .  If the situation warrants, please call 911 and report the problem immediately.
Bringing Guests
Members can bring as many people to shoot with as they can watch at any one time; therefore, you can bring as many people as you are able to safely handle.  Each member is the range safety officer for their group, so everyone MUST shoot on the same range that the SKSC member is monitoring.  If all the other people are experienced shooters, then the job is a bit easier.  If there are any new shooters in the group, then we suggest you keep the group small – ideally one-on-one.  Remember, not everybody knows our club rules – so we look to you to keep your friends safe.
Use of Center-Fire Rifles
Here is a simple answer:  If the back-stop you are shooting at is taller that you are, then you may use any rifle or pistol.  If the back-stop is shorter than you, then it is for .22 rim-fire rifle or pistols ONLY!  The only exception to this simple rule is the metallic handgun silhouette range at the extreme South end of the 200 meter range, where straight-wall center-fire pistols may be used.  On the 500-meter range, the 40m, 60m, 77m and 100m back-stops are for .22 rim-fire ONLY . See our Targets and Target placement page below for more details.
Use Of Machine Guns
Yes, but we have a few extra rules for select-fire and other automatic firearms.  You may download our official policy here, and a few of the highlights are listed blow:
  • You must call the Allegan County Sheriffs Department (269-673-3899) BEFORE you begin shooting and let them know that legally registered machine guns will be in use at SKSC.
  • In order to be kind to our neighbors, please limit your range use to the period after 12:00 p.m. and finish before 5:00 p.m.
  • Shooters shall take extra precautions to control muzzle-rise and be sure all projectiles stop in the lower half of the back-stop.
  • Shoot no more than 5-round bursts at a time.
  • Sub-machine-guns using straight-wall center-fire pistol cartridges may be used on any center-fire range or bunker.  The back-stop MUST be taller than you are!
  • The 2 Southern-most general-purpose bunkers should be used for machine guns in order to limit the damage these firearms cause to our back-stops.

Targets & Target Placement