3-Gun – Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun


We are not USPSA-sanctioned, and do not run USPSA rules or stages. This is intentional. We design stages that stress practical firearms skills and put a premium on accuracy, not just speed. Expect lots of downloaded mags, cold-load starts, required re-loads, and built in physical exertion.

Governing Body

These are club matches, and are not presently sanctioned by USPSA, 3-Gun Nation, etc..

How a match is run

We use USPSA targets. A single A-Zone hit will neutralize the target, and we count the entire head as A-Zone. Failing that, a minimum of two hits in the C and D-Zone is required. Two D-Zones, or a single C-Zone, is a Failure to neutralize (FTN).  Exception: a single .40 or .45 pistol hit in C-Zone neutralizes, as does a single rifle hit with 7.62 (NATO or Soviet), .30-06, or .30 cal.


We usually have 15-20 shooters per match, most are regulars, and no one pays much attention to divisions.  That said, we do register shooters under the following Divisions:
  • No pistol optics
  • No rifle magnification,
  • Max 9-round in shotgun on start signal (unless download or cold-load required in stage brief)
  • Pistol optics OK
  • Rifle magnification OK
  • Max 9-round in shotgun on start signal (unless other required)
  • Whatever you feel like shooting
  • .40, .45, or .357 Sig pistol
  • 62 or .30 cal rifle
  • 12 ga shotgun
  • No magnification
  • Same shotgun rule as other divisions
  • Bring flag-safety/empty-chamber indicators for your long guns.
  • We count PCC as rifle. If it fires a single projectile from the shoulder, you can run it as a rifle.
  • No bump-stocks!


  • We recommend bringing 100 rounds per weapon. You probably won’t need it all, but it doesn’t go bad.
  • Bring minimum 5 slug rounds for shotgun. No steel shot allowed, and no shot heavier than 7.5.
  • Per SKSC rules, no green-tip 5.56 (M855) ammo allowed.


  • Anyone who helps setup (following the USPSA Match – 3rd Sat each month), shoots for free. Otherwise, it’s:
  • $20 for SKSC members
  • $25 for non-members.
Note: Most of our shooters stick around to help with tear-down after the match.  Not required, but most everyone does.


  • Pre-registration is available through Practiscore, and walk-in registration runs from 0815-0915 at the Clubhouse.
  • Remember to check-in at the Clubhouse even if you pre-registered.


  • We set up the match after USPSA finishes on Saturday (3rd Sat of each month) and usually start work by 1300.
  • Matches are held every third Sunday of the month, the day after the monthly Saturday USPSA match.
  • The season begins as early as March, depending on weather, and continues through October.


Safety is paramount.
We run a cold range. No weapon is loaded until the RO gives a shooter “load and make ready” for that weapon. 
Muzzle and finger discipline is ruthlessly enforced.
  • Two muzzle warnings is a DQ
  • Two finger warnings is a DQ
  • A muzzle plus a finger warning is a DQ.
  • Breaking the 180 is a DQ.
  • Any ND is a DQ.
  • Dropped weapon (from the time the RO calls a shooter to the start position until the time “range clear” is called) is a DQ.
  • When barreled, all long-guns must either be empty (magazine and chamber) or on safe. Breaking this rule is a DQ.
Our shooters’ briefs are very detailed.  You will hear these rules again.


3-Gun is not a good starting point for competitive action-shooting.
Running multiple platforms in a single stage multiplies the task-loading, and long guns are inherently more dangerous than pistols.
Therefore, we strongly encourage shooters to have at least several IDPA or USPSA matches under their belts before coming out for 3-Gun.
101 Class
Completion of the SKSC 101 class (offered cost-free every 2d Saturday of the month at SKSC) is required for shooters without prior 3-Gun experience or who don’t have a classification in either USPSA or IDPA.
Click here for more information about the SKSC 101 class.

For More Information

We have a Facebook page. Just look for SKSC 3-Gun.
Questions can be fielded on FB, or by emailing me at amibayer0302@gmail.com