Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I join SKSC?
Click here to visit our New Member page to find out what is required to join SKSC.

How do I renew my SKSC membership?
Click here to visit our membership renewal page.
What are Work Fees and Work days?
Click here to learn about our work fees and work days.
What does SKSC offer for Trap & Skeet?
Click here for our Trap & Skeet page.
Are there member meetings?
SKSC holds monthly meetings for our general membership at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month in our club house.  SKSC is a member-owned and member-operated club, and these meetings are your opportunity to find out what is going on within SKSC and voice your opinions and ideas to the membership.  Elections for board members are held at the December meeting where roughly one-third of the board members are up for election.  A full review of the club’s finances are usually held at the meeting in February.
Does SKSC have a news letter?
SKSC publishes a news letter 3 – 4 times annually.  Members can have a newsletter e-mailed to them or pickup at clubhouse.  Of course the latest SKSC news is also available from our web site – click here.
SKSC is a member MUCC Club, how do I get the MUCC Magazine?
MUCC dropped the print magazine as part of the club dues.  MUCC has a digital version on-line which is available to all SKSC members.  You will have to supply your e-mail address to the MUCC (not SKSC) and they will send you the link for the magazine each month.  The MUCC web-site can be found here.

Questions Regarding Our Ranges

What ranges will I find at SKSC?
For a list of ranges available at SKSC, click here.
As a member, how many friends can I bring with me to the ranges?
Members can bring as many people to shoot with as they can watch at any one time; therefore, you can bring as many people as you are able to safely handle.  Each member is the range safety officer for their group, so everyone MUST shoot on the same range that the SKSC member is monitoring.  If all the other people are experienced shooters, then the job is a bit easier.  If there are any new shooters in the group, then we suggest you keep the group small – ideally one-on-one.  Remember, not everybody knows our club rules – so we look to you to keep your friends safe.
My electronic gate key-card doesn't work any more, what now?
Did you pay your dues this year?!?  The key-cards may look tough, but the electronics inside definitely don’t like to be bent or warped – so if you stuff them in your wallet, they won’t last long.  If you’ve paid your dues and the gate won’t open, your key-card is likely broken. Put your old key-card, name, mailing address and a $10 check payable to SKSC in an envelope and sent it to the address below; and we’ll send you a brand-new key-card.  Turn-around time is usually 5 to 6 days.
  • SKSC Membership – Key-Card
  • 3581 92nd St SE
  • Caledonia, MI  49316
Why are there gates on the roads to the 500 and 200 meter ranges?
SKSC is a member-owned and member-operated club, therefore, only members and their accompanied friends may use our ranges.  Trap and Skeet are open to the public when the manager is present on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday; therefore the main gate at 140th Avenue will be open.  The individual range gates will remain locked when the main road gate is open.  The only exception is when we are holding rifle or pistol matches on either the 500 or 200 meter ranges, our our match bunkers on the 200 meter range road.  As a member, you will receive the combination to these gates, and if you are ever in doubt as to whether an internal range gate should be locked or left open, the safest answer is to go ahead and lock the gate.  If you see an organized shooting event (rifle or pistol) on our 200 meter range complex, you may also leave that gate open as the staff running the match is also monitoring the use of the other ranges.
Which ranges can I use for center-fire rifles?
Please refer to our safety page located here.
What are the rules for proper targets at SKSC?
Click here for information about Targets & Target Placement.
What are the rules for target placement at SKSC?
Click here for information about Targets & Target Placement.
Can I use machine-guns at SKSC?
Please refer to our safety page located here.

Matches and Events

Target Content
What is 3-Gun?
See our 3-Gun FAQ page here
What is Bench Rest Silhouette?
See our Bench Rest Silhouette FAQ page here.
What is CMP?
See our CMP Rifle FAQ page here.
What is IDPA?
IDPA – International Defensive Pistol Association
    See our IDPA FAQ page here
What is NRA High Power Rifle Competition?
See our NRA High Power Rifle Competition FAQ page here.
What is NRA Rifle Silhouette?
See our NRA Rifle Silhouette FAQ page here.
What is a Project Appleseed Event?
See our Appleseed FAQ page here.
What is the Steel Challenge?
See our Steel challenge FAQ page here.
What is USPSA?
USPSA – United States Practical Shooting Association
    See our USPSA FAQ page here.
What about Trap and Skeet at SKSC?
Have a look at our Trap and Skeet page here.