Rimfire Challenge

Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association


Rimfire challenge is a steel plate speed shooting competition with both handgun and rifle.

Governing body

Rimfire challenge is governed by the RCSA “rimfire challenge Shooting association”

How A Match Is Run

Rimfire challenge consist of 5-7 static steel plates per stage with 1 plate as a designated stop plate. Some stages may have a designated bonus plate that when hit will reduce your overall time when hit before the stop plate. You will shoot stages with a rifle or a handgun pending the stage description, and you will need both a rifle and pistol in 22 long rifle to compete. The goal of rimfire challenge is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for newer shooters to compete without having to move or reload while on the clock. Each stage will be shot 5 times with the competitors best 4 times totaled for the score on that stage. Safety is the top priority for the rimfire challenge matches as we expect many new and younger shooters so please be mindful of your language as well.


OPEN:  all guns with a scope or red dot on them will be in this division, may shoot iron sights in this division as well.

LIMITED: guns with iron sights only will be in this division.


Shooters may shoot both divisions but must shoot open first then limited per rules. Each division requires both a rifle and a handgun to compete in the match, and each gun must have at least 5 magazines or speed loaders, if you do not have enough loading devices you will need to make arrangements with someone on your squad to load them for you to keep the match moving along and not causing a backup. Everyone must have eye and ear protection once the match begins. Please bring enough ammo to shoot the match as any round counts that are given do not include any misses.


  $20 non-SKSC members
   $15 SKSC members
   FREE juniors 10 and under
   $ 5 for second division


You may pre-register on practiscore by searching matches and typing SKSC and look for rimfire challenge, you will pay the day of the match at the club house where everyone must sign in before going down to the ranges. Sign up will begin at 8:15 to 9:00 am We are planning on a 9:30 start time for hammers down. There will be a 101-safety class required for anyone who does not have a card belonging to USPSA, STEEL CHALENGE, OR IDPA. this class will start at 8:30 the morning of the match so please plan appropriately. RO’s will receive $5 off match fees at registration as we would like 2 R.O.’s per squad,

Please see match director if you can help.

For More Information

Contact Bruce at bcbruce09@gmail.com