500-Meter Range Use

500 Meter Range Requirements

To shoot on the range you must show the Range Officer (RO) your membership ID card (colored card with gate combination on it) and some form of picture ID such as a driver license.  Your non juvenile guests must also provide a picture ID.  Everyone will be logged into and out from the range.  No Exceptions!

Please remember that your guests must remain under your direct visual supervision at all times.


You must transport your firearms to and from the firing line in a case and in an unloaded condition.

Your firearm will be examined and you will be logged in by the RO who will have a Safety vest and ID badge on.  Please follow their directions to the fullest.

Everyone who approaches the firing line or is on the line must have eye and ear protection on.

Do not attempt to move firearms to and from the firing line if a red flag is displayed on the hill approaching the firing line.  This flag is used to indicate the range is cold and firearms are not to be handled on or near the firing line.

Open Chamber Indicators are to be used on all firearms on the firing line.  One will be loaned to you if you do not already have one.

You must have your own target stands and targets.

You may also be asked by the RO to verify your zero by shooting at a club target at the 200-meter backstops.

Range Operation

Access gate: The gate is locked and can only be opened by the RO supervising the range.

Operation: When the gate is open, members and their guests may enter the range and sign-in by presenting a picture ID and their SKSC Membership Card.  The RO controls the operation of the range, starting with you bringing your equipment to the firing-line and setting up.

Working with the RO: The RO is there to ensure the safety of our members, their guests as well as our neighbors.  There is an expectation that your rifle is sighted-in for at least 200 meters before coming to this range.  If this is not the case, please go to our 200-meter range first and check your “zero” at 200-meters.  It is further expected that you know how your sights operate and how to adjust them.  You must also have a firm understanding of your ammunition’s ballistics.  Note that rimfire rifles do not need to meet the 200-meter zero requirement.

Requesting Special Access & Shooting Times or More Information

Members can request access to the 500-meter range by sending an email to the Range Officer Supervisor at sksc500ro@gmail.com, or by calling (616)457-9111 between 9 AM and 9 PM weekdays.

Please provide at least a 5-day notice so that a volunteer RO may be found to open the range for you. During the winter months, November through early March, this will be the only way the range may be used since we do not plow the range road and access to the backstops may be difficult.

For more information about this range and its operation, please email the Range Officer Supervisor email listed above.