SKSC Shotgun Winter League 2024

Welcome ALL (SKSC Members and Friends) to the SKSC 2024 Shotgun Winter League. The League is open to SKSC members and Non-Members, please feel free to invite your shooting friends to join in some friendly shotgun competition based on skill levels.

Key Dates:

  • Sign Up’s Begin – 12/4/2023
  • League Shooting Begins – 1/2/2024
  • Classifying Rounds Completed By – 2/11/2024
  • Mid League Catch Up Fun Day – 3/2/2024
  • Registered Rounds Completed By – 4/11/2024
  • League Banquet and Awards – 5/25/2024

League Events:

  • Skeet (All Gages)
  • Wobble Skeet (All Gages)
  • Pee Wee Skeet (.410 bore)
  • 16yd Trap (All Gages)
  • 10yd Trap (.410 bore)


AA, A, B, C, D.

Note: A minimum of 5 shooters are needed for a classification.  Classifications for Skeet (All Gages) and 16 yd Trap (All Gages) are based on the first 4 registered rounds. All levels (AA-D) must have their first 4 Classifying Rounds by the end of shooting on 2/11/2024 or will be penalized 4 birds subtracted from their overall score. This excludes Wobble Skeet, Pee Wee Skeet, and 10yd Trap. Also, last year’s winner and second place will advance to the next higher or better classification. Shooters with known classification will be slotted based on their own ability (honor system).

Scores Posted:

Once a week on Tuesday Night


  • First and Second Places AA, A, B, C, D (Second Place based on participation levels. League shooters are limited to one Prize)
  • Best League Over All (Total of Skeet and Trap Scores)
  • Best Over All SKEET (Total Skeet, and Pee Wee (.410 bore) Scores)
  • Best Over All Trap (Total 16yd Trap and 10yd Trap (.410 bore) Scores)


$25.00 (First Event)

$5.00 For each additional event

Final Notes:

Last Year’s Winter League was a great success. To preserve this great tradition from disappearing, we all need to work together with Trap and Skeet Scoring and Loading the houses with birds. Note we have new Trap, Skeet, Wobble Machines, and Lighting. A BIG THANKS to the SKSC board for providing the funds to purchase the new equipment and to the volunteers who installed the new facilities.

Please follow the posted Manufacturers recommendations: Place the cone outside the house, disarm and turn the power off before working around or loading any of the houses.  Anyone unfamiliar with the equipment does not enter the houses and no minors are allowed inside any of the houses.

Same as last year, to help with accurate scoring each shooter will be given a league number when signing up.  Please include this number by your name in red for registered lines to help with scoring. 

We are looking forward to everyone having a safe and fun league.


Please contact me with any questions or concerns:

Dave Pleyel (616) 401-7295 Tuesday Night Manager