South Kent Sportsman's Club
Dorr, Michigan


Southkent Sportsmen’s Club relies on volunteers to maintain our ranges & facilities.
Each member can earn up to $60 work credit towards their dues the following year. Each hour of volunteer work is valued at $15, up to the 4 hour/$60 mark… but there is no need to stop at 4, help out as much as you can.

Scheduled Work Days

Our primary method of getting work credit is to help us on our schedule work days March – October. See the club calendar HERE for the schedule.

We realize that not everyone is able to make schedules work or do the physical labor tasks we often have available during our regularly scheduled Work Days. To offer additional opportunities outside scheduled work days, we have identified some tasks you can do to help the club:

  • Manager's Assistant
    • SKSC is open to the public on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 6:00 pm to 10:00 PM and Sunday’s 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. You can volunteer to help the club manager with tasks like scoring Trap/Skeet & moderate housekeeping tasks in the clubhouse. To sign up, call the on duty manager during regular open hours. 616 681-2485.
  • Club Monitor (Seniors Only)
    • This option was developed to give seniors an opportunity to help monitor the ranges on your own schedule. This task requires no physical labor and helps keep our ranges safe. The Club Monitor duty will be available to interested individuals after a brief orientation on the process & duties. To sign up, Email to set up an orientation.
  • Empty Range Trash Cans
    • To sign up, call David Washburn (after 5:00 pm only) to schedule a time that works for you. 616 893-1427
  • Unsupervised Grounds Maintenance Tasks
    • Our Facilities & Ranges Committees generally have a long list of tasks to keep the club safe & looking good. We will have specific tasks available that individuals can do on their own time. There will be a box with task tickets posted outside the clubhouse. It will be up to the individual to pick the ticket, complete the task, and drop the ticket into the drop box. Additionally, it will be the individual’s responsibility to come into the club house during regular open hours to have the on-duty manager sign off on the work credit. To sign up, call the on-duty manager during open hours for additional details. 616 681-2485
  • Target Painters
    • Friday, May 31 to Sunday, June 2, SKSC is hosting the Steel Challenge Area Match and needs volunteers to paint steel targets between shooters. To sign up, email Joe at

April 27th Work Day

This year we will again be improving the grounds at our club. The following are the projects that we will be concentrating on:

  • Cleaning and removing debris along our 140th property line.
    • Please bring: chainsaws, landscape shears, rakes, etc.
  • Installing split rail fencing and bark on our entry into the match priority bays.
    • Please bring: shovels, rakes, chain saws, wheel barrows, etc.
  • Fixing snow plow damage to the fire pit area and clean up millings from the lawn.
    • Please bring: rakes shovels, wheelbarrows, etc.
  • Installing new bark around our clubhouse, trap and skeet fields, entry sign sign.
    • Please bring: shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc.

See you all for a 9AM start time. We will meet at the clubhouse and set our game plan, thank you!